Our pride - natural hot spring - is a special treat to you.
Whenever and however you want, enjoy our hot spring.

山の湯 間取り図

For menCave bath

For womenLarge public bath

*Bath unavailable between 7:30 pm to 8 pm to swap men’s and ladies’ bath around.


Accessible Time 13:00〜21:00
Bathing fee Adults 800 yen, children 500 yen, free for elementary school students and younger
Effects・Efficacy The spring quality of Ho-senji Onsen is classified as a mildly alkaline simple hot spring.
The health benefits of hot spring baths include neuralgia, arthralgia, muscle ache,
frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, stiff joints, contusion, twisted joint, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoid, cold sensitivity, etc.
It is also effective to chronic digestive diseases and chronic constipation in drinking.
Swap out 2 places of hot springs for gentlemen and ladies will be alternated in 19:30~20:00.
You can enjoy different baths of different taste. Please use it according to a suitable time.
Others “Group Use Bath” is reservation-only.
In terms of using the “Group Use Bath”, please inform us in the reservation form or inform the staff after check-in.

The origin of Housenji-Onsen

A hunter came across a high priest called Kuya in 938. Kuya sticked his Buddhist crosier in the ground and gave the hunter a prediction telling a miracle would happen. The crosier turned to be a big cedar tree over the years. In 972, a big earthquake hit the region and hot spring suddenly came out of the root of the tree. Surprised villagers built a temple by the hot spring to thank the gift from Kuya. People started to call the temple Housenji which means “treasure spring”. The temple is believed to have enshrined the statue of Kuya and Nyorai Buddha however they were destroyed in a fire. A centuries-old stone bath still remains as a temple treasure.